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Writer's Block: LiveJournal Book Club

Out of all of your favorite books, pick just one you'd recommend everyone read. As a bonus: why did you pick that one?
There are so many worthwhile books out there.  As a child I loved RL Stine, Christopher Pike, Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High name a few.

Now as an adult, I consider Tolkien in among some of my favorite books, as well as the Harry Potter series.

But my absolute favorite book series right now has to be George RR Martin's A Song of Ice And Fire Series.  If you haven't read it , pick it up or borrow it from a friend as soon as you can.  HBO is starting a series based on them (which everyone who is a fan is very excited about) and the pilot is set to begin shooting in Belfast in October.

These books have everything...magic, dragons, war, human intrigue plus much much more!  The character descriptions and verbage used is some of the best I have read in a while.  The whole world of Westeros is one that you can completely submerge yourself in.  The characters are well developed and make you feel like you could be there with them or be them if you were alive in that time.

The next book to be released will be Book 5: A Dance with Dragons.

The 4 books that are currently released are as follows:
A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords
A Feast of Crows

For today's entries I will be talking about a couple of games that I am interested in which are coming out for the PS3 in the near future.
My main interest in gaming is the social aspect, and I prefer strategy, puzzle and music games.  Some of my favorites that have been released to the Playstation network over the past year have been Puzzle Quest, Piyotama, Age of Booty, PixelJunk Monsters; and the latest to be soon added to my list is Fat Princess!

Today, I will speak about Fat Princess, the upcoming Beatles Rock Band and the newly announced Lego Rock Band disc releases.

Fat Princess will be coming to a Playstation Network near you in 2009.  For more information and screenshots from the beta, please see

There was a lot of hype about this in the beginning from activists with too much time on their hands.  They were claiming that in this day of obesity, a game that features players trying to rescue a princess that you enlarge by feeding her cake is not the right message to send to everyone.  Little did they realize when they started protesting that it was a woman who came up with the idea of the game and she is not exactly on the anorexic put it a little more bluntly, she is festively plump, as most of us are.
I think it is a great thing about the concept of this game is that it might make people realize stick-skinny isn't a good thing either; being a little chunky is ok as long as you are healthy.  I am personally sick of seeing the half naked skinny fighter chicks that they put in games to make our husbands or boyfriends drool over. We all know sex sells and I know I am sexy to my husband regardless of what these cartoon chicks look like.
But seriously, is there anything wrong with a heroine that is more curvaceous and has a waist that isn't size -5We all know that if Barbie had proportions in real life like her doll counterpart, she wouldn't be able to stand up!

As a girly gamer, this game appeals to me in many ways.  The graphics are cute, there is strategy that has to be applied making it challenging plus you can play against your friends in what looks to be a fun but entertaining environment.
I will definitely be getting this game when it comes out and you all should too; if not for what looks to be an excellent gaming experience that you don't have to spend $60 on, then at least as a protest to curvaceous sexy women!  ...Plus I need someone to beat on-line :o)

In today's geek inspired universe where everyone is into pop culture, video games and the arts in general, I thought I would start using this journal as a means of putting my two cents out there.  Everyone has listened to podcasts and read blogs with movie, book, music and video game reviews from a guys perspective...but it is time these areas had a girls touch, don't ya think?

I will begin by discussing some recent video games that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing.  All of my video game blogs will be, at the present time, in reference to gameplay on the PS2 and PS3.  Occasionally I will have the opportunity to review gameplay on the XBOX360 as well as the Wii, but those posts will be few and far between.

The most recent game I have purchased has been Guitar Hero: Metallica.  I have to tell you I was really excited when I heard this was coming out, even though it was for the Guitar Hero Franchise (I am a bit of a Rock Band Diva myself).  I have loved Metallica since I was a pre-teenage full of angst and my husband is a die hard Metallica fan.
I traded in Guitar Hero World Tour to get it as I was largely unimpressed by that game (more on that in another post).  I was severely hoping that perhaps they improved on their last multi-instrument attempt.  Thank goodness I was right!  They not only had a great repertoire of fan favorite Metallica songs, the game play was much more enjoyable...not to mention this game had PSN trophies included...WOOT :o)

Some of the items that seemed largely improved to my eyes were:
  1. Vocals were easier to follow.  I found in GHWT that the way they had the vocals tracked and that heart monitor  type cursor that went across the words was extremely hard to follow and keep your pitch in check.  It almost seemed like it was too sensitive and picked up your every breath and counted it as a miss.  In GHM, this is much improved and a lot less picky.
  2. The tutorials are better.  We all know that they famously missed tutorials on some of the new features of GHWT and that peeved a lot of people off.  The only way of knowing what these new features were was to troll the forums to find people who had figured out how they work.
  3. The introduction of Expert for the double bass drumming was a smart idea.  My sister who is an awesome drummer was apprehensive about the Metallica songs because she was pretty sure she couldn't get all the double bass in with only one pedal.  Now she can play all the songs on expert and not have to worry about having an aneurysm trying to play them.
Other cool things about this game is that the added extras to each song (Lyrics, Metallifacts, videos) that you can unlock are an awesome touch.  The creators really outdid themselves with the creation of James, Lars, Kirk and Rob.  Though, in my opinion (and let me know if you were thinking the same thing): Does James look a little like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz?

Anyways, I give this game 4 devil horns out of 5 and recommend that you pick it up ASAP!

More blogs to soon follow....

Writer's Block: The Green Generation

Will you be doing anything special to celebrate Earth Day today?
Today, we celebrate the place we walk on, the nature we enjoy, our planet.  The planet is in trouble and everyone should use this day to make a pact that they will try to do and maintain 3 energy / earth saving initiatives.  These could be anything from taking a bus or biking to work, plant more flowers and trees, adopt a spot in your hometown to keep clean, change items in your home to energy efficient ones, and the list goes on.

I myself started taking the bus to work when I started my new job in January instead of buying a second car.  We recycle everything we can, and since buying our home last year, we have been chaning out light fixtures, appliance and other items into energy saving options.

The region that I live has clean ups going on all over the cities today as well as our region wide ban on pesticides goes into effect today.

A note to World Leaders:  If you soon don't take the environment and the earth's problems much more seriously, you will not have an area to govern much longer!  You are doing little things, but honestly most of these initiatives are being planned and executed by the very people you don't seem to want to listen to.  Get over yourselves and realize that you don't always know what is best for the country and that perhaps you should start listening to the opinions and ideas of your citizens.

Good Luck in saving the Planet today everyone :o)

A note to all the World Leaders

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